about florecer femme

Florecer: (Spanish) to flourish | to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way

Femme: (French) woman | a beautiful, confident, and sophisticated female

Based in San Antonio, Texas

We are an online and in-person community providing opportunities for women to flourish; our relevant and real content inspires Florecer Femmes to become strong female leads of their lives.

How do we do this? Gather, Share, and Connect!

1.   Curating workshops that will elevate your personal, professional, and creative self

2.   Sharing stories and expertise from fellow Femmes on our blog, Femme Thoughts

3.   Whatever women need!

Feel broad? We like it that way. Just as women continue to evolve, Florecer Femme’s offerings will evolve to support them along the way. Our #fempowered community will steer where FF goes next.

What you’ll get with FF:

  • We are an inclusive community that provides ticket-based opportunities for women; we are not membership based.

  • All offerings encompass developmental components; we call it socializing with a purpose.

  • We are not a “non-profit”; however, we conduct ourselves like one.  We reinvest our revenue into enhancing and expanding future FF events.

  • We are not catered to one type of woman; all who support our mission are welcome.

  • We offer evolving events based on our #fempowered community’s needs.