How I decided to create Florecer Femme


Every year, my husband and I take a New Year’s trip with my best friend and her husband. This annual trip has become one of my favorite traditions because it is an opportunity for me to catch up with my best friend, go on a new adventure, and get away from my normal routine to think about what I want to achieve in the New Year.

For New Year’s 2018, we set our sights on New Orleans. Kyle and I were approaching our one year wedding anniversary and I had been in a fairly new role at a large energy company that I was absolutely loving. Despite how happy I was in my personal and professional life, I had this feeling that something was missing and that I might find it on this trip. 

I have always had a love for self-improvement books and had recently purchased the audio version of Pivot: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One by Jenny Blake. If you haven’t read this book and feel like making even the slightest change in your life, I highly recommend picking it up. One of the exercises in the book was to create a value map of all of the things I value in my life. So, I did it. First, I wrote down every word I could possibly think of that encompassed something I strongly value. Then, I grouped those words into categories or “value clusters” in order to visualize what my values are. Here is what my map looked like: 


Do you know which cluster jumped out to me the most? Empower women.

This was the one cluster that I felt I was missing a big piece of, but I wasn’t sure what I needed to do about it.

Shortly after our New Year’s New Orleans adventure and returning to normal daily life, I was invited to a hockey game with a group of girlfriends that I didn’t know that well yet. I was so excited. Potential new girlfriends and doing something I don’t normally do (i.e. hockey)?! We ended up having a great time and all loved that we were trying something different. We decided to start monthly get-togethers where we would try something we hadn’t done before or just good ol’ catching up with each other. We did cookie decorating, floral arranging, calligraphy, food tasting, long walks with even longer career conversations, a spa getaway, and more. 

That’s when it clicked. 

I needed to turn this exact concept into a movement. I needed to create a culture for women to flourish. Not just in their creative lives, but in their personal and professional lives as well. I needed to create Florecer Femme. 

Florecer Femme will bring women together to share their knowledge, experience, and creativity with other women and foster a culture that empowers anyone who wants to be a part of it. This is a movement open to all women – professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, corporate ladder climbers, heads of households, you name it. Women will flourish in all aspects of their life and be surrounded by others that want to help them do it. Florecer Femme provides opportunities to collaborate, connect, and share in a fun and modern way. 

I am so excited to be sharing this new adventure with you all and I hope that you want to be a part of it. I will be sharing details on our official launch soon, so be on the lookout! Let’s have some fun and showcase the amazing women we have right here in Texas. We can all be Florecer Femme’s. 

XOXO, Hannah