Behind the Scenes: Florecer Femme's First Photo Shoot

Watch video for Behind the Scenes footage of FF’s first photo shoot

Picture this: you are sitting in a gorgeous courtyard lit with twinkle lights, you are surrounded by seventeen of your closest girlfriends, and you get to share your vision for empowering women with them. Not only do they listen, but they LOVE it and SUPPORT it. 

This is exactly what Florecer Femme’s first photo shoot was like. 

I wanted to kick-off Florecer Femme with original photos of real women having a real moment. So, I invited a bunch of girlfriends that I knew would be passionate about #fempower (plus my mom, of course) to join me for a photo shoot. Lo and behold, seventeen women were able to attend despite their busy summer schedules. I was thrilled.

That’s right, I said summer. We did the entire shoot on what felt like the hottest day in June. These girls powered through the scorching 101 degree temperature with smiles on their faces. They were so excited to be a part of something created to empower women that they didn’t care that we were sweating off our makeup. 

My favorite part of the day was the fact that seventeen women from different parts of my life got together to celebrate being women. From my book club friends, to work friends, to friends of friends, to my college roommates, they all got to know each other and got to share their passion for self-improvement and empowering others. 


Not only did this girl gang get to socialize, but my sweet friend Natalie even took the opportunity to announce her pregnancy! Talk about being surrounded by a community of support. After the shoot, our celebration turned into music, laughter, food, and my very favorite – wine. 

My oh-so supportive husband was the best errand runner, fan holder, thirst quencher, and shoot location navigator that we could have asked for. We were all so impressed with how hard he worked to make sure that Florecer Femme’s first photo shoot was a success. 

This photo shoot will go down as one of those days I will cherish forever. It was a GOOD day.  

A special thank you to my models, friends who supported from afar, and everyone who has continued to encourage me to pursue this passion of mine. 

XOXO, Hannah