Four reasons to pursue a side hustle


April Deleon, a corporate analyst by day and photographer in her spare time, sat down with us to share what she loves about having a side-hustle. April started Pure Happiness Photography in 2012 and has been side-hustlin’ ever since. 

She shared stories of her side-hustle experience with us and if you have been thinking about pursuing one, consider these four benefits:

Creative outlet

April has been passionate about photography since middle school. Her birthday wish each year was a new camera and she still has dozens of childhood photo albums stacked up in storage. She has kept a camera in her purse since she was a teenager and has been the go-to photographer at every stage in her life. 

April loves her job in the corporate environment, but found that she was doing photography on the side for friends and family so often that there was potential to expand it beyond her inner circle of clients. Thus, Pure Happiness Photography was created. 

Pursuing photography as a side-hustle has provided April with an outlet for her creativity. She is able to enjoy her full-time analyst role while sharpening her photography skills on the side. Not only has she found an avenue to express her creativity, she has used her bubbly personality and eye for a great shot to spread happiness. 


Expands your network

April says the best part of her side-hustle is the network of people she has connected with. Some of her clients have grown from a simple holiday photo session to real friendships. She loves making new connections and casually running into her clients around town.

Pure Happiness Photography has provided April with opportunities to network and meet a lot of amazing people that she wouldn’t have otherwise. Not only has she met new people, but she has strengthened relationships in her existing friendships. For example, April has been fortunate to watch a childhood friend’s family grow, from shooting their maternity photos to most recently shooting their son’s three-year-old birthday photos (shown below).  Watching families grow and come together for a photoshoot inspires April. It is a constant reminder of her own family values.

Being the extroverted people person that she is, having another way of connecting with people has been valuable.  

Confidence booster

There is something exhilarating about starting your own business or project and being good at it. April feels empowered when she is working on Pure Happiness Photography. She is in complete control of her own business and gets positive feedback on her work. 

Receiving praise from clients is a constant reminder for her on why she takes time out of her busy schedule to pursue her passion as a side-hustle. We should mention here that April is a wife, a mother to two adorable boys and a daughter in heaven, active in her community, and very close with her long-time friends. 

The ability for April to do photography on the side gives her the confidence booster she needs to work harder in other areas of her life. The more fulfilled she feels in one area, the more motivated she is to do more in others. She says it gives her the “Yes I can!” attitude. We all want that!

Extra income

Let’s be real. A little extra money on the side is nothing to complain about. Having another source of income, whether big or small, can enable you to do many things. You can put it towards savings, get a manicure, buy that top you have been eyeing for months, or just enjoy a nice meal out on the town. Though this may not be April’s primary reason for Pure Happiness Photography, it certainly is a perk!

Follow April @purehappinessphotography on Instagram and Facebook. Maybe she will inspire you to pursue that side-hustle you have been dreaming of. Check out some of April's work below.

XOXO, Florecer Femme