Leading Lady Mixers


Looking for an alternative to alcoholic beverages for your next event? We have just the thing for you – mocktails!

At our #GOALS event in February 2019, we partnered up with RedBull to create some feminine inspired mocktails featuring several of our favorite Leading Ladies. 

Attendees had the option to choose from The Frida, The Selena, The Leslie, and The Yoncee. #FEMPOWER

To have a mocktail bar of your own, gather fresh fruit and mixers and come up with a fun themed menu. At our event, our mocktail servers pre-cut fresh fruits to speed up the serving process throughout the day and placed them in clear glass jars. It made for beautiful and functional bar décor as well! Scroll through for some femme-spiration! 


#GOALS-DrinkMenu_8.5x11_draft1 copy.jpg