Most of us have learned some powerful lessons from our mothers, our motherly figures, or our female mentors. Mother’s Day is approaching and it has had me thinking - What are the biggest lessons I learned from my mom? As a South Texas woman who had the upbringing of a traditional country girl, I like to think of these as “Life Lessons from my Mama.” I’m sure these lessons will change over time, but at 28 (almost 29) years old, I want to share with you what my Mama has taught me.

Don’t steal my JOY

My mom has the most beautiful, contagious laugh and smile I have ever seen. She finds the smallest things humorous and doesn’t let anything stop her from bursting into laughter.

For example, I will never forget sitting and watching TV with her one night when she began laughing at a commercial I had already seen and had not thought was even the least bit funny. After seeing her laugh so joyfully at this silly commercial, I too began to think it was the funniest thing.

This small gesture has made me realize that no matter what I do, I cannot let others steal my joy. It is mine to cherish and I should not let anyone take it away from me.

Pretty is as pretty does

When I say this, I am not referring to physical looks at all. This is 100% personality. My mom is gracious, kind, poised, caring, and one of the most loved human beings I have ever known. She is SO beautiful and anyone who knows her says the same thing. Yes, she is a natural beauty, but I know that when people speak of my mother’s beauty, they are referring to her heart. I hope to God that people remember me this way one day.

You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar

Growing up, we all run into hateful people. When I asked my mom for advice in these situations, she always told me to “kill them with kindness.” Nothing good has ever come from me being negative, derogatory, jealous, or rude to someone. I can always feel confident and happy if I know I am the best person I can possibly be in a time of pain or challenge. Over the years, this lesson has been such a blessing. There have been multiple times I treated people who I knew didn’t like me with kindness and it paid off.

Life should be as slow as a Sunday afternoon

I adore how my mom takes her time doing the things she loves. She LOVES to cook for her family and she is never in a rush to get her masterpiece on the table. We ate so many dinners after 9:00 pm when I was growing up. This was partly because she was a working mother, but also because she slowed down to enjoy doing something she was passionate about. She stopped to smell the roses. To this day, I love sitting at the kitchen counter watching her smile as she whips up a homemade icing and layers it on a freshly baked cake. Bonus: she still lets me lick the spatula!

Strong women should be as subtle as a freight train

My mom has always reminded me of how strong I am and how strong I can be. She taught me to be independent, but willing to accept the help of someone I love and trust. She taught me to speak my mind, but to know when I need to stay quiet. She taught me how to act quickly, but also to know when I need to sit back. When I set my mind to something, I am, as they say, “as subtle as a freight train.” Thanks to her, I am bold and brave.

To all the moms, future moms, those who have had strong moms in their lives somehow, and especially my Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. Keep spreading your wisdom. We will cherish it, always.




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