How to be the best version of you.

I encounter women constantly in my coaching practice and day-to-day life who have had some success, but they want more.  They’re at a transition point where it's time for them to take things up a notch.  

It's not that anything needs to be fixed, as their life isn't bad by any means.  Instead, they want to learn how to capitalize on what they do best in a whole new way. They want to obtain even MORE of the confidence and skills needed to rock this precious life of theirs, but they're feeling stuck on how to get there.

That's where I come in. As a multi-certified life coach, I have a wide variety of tools and strategies to help someone become the best version of them.

One of the tools I use most in my coaching practice to help someone find and maximize their greatest gifts is an assessment called the CliftonStrengths.

The CliftonStrengths (formerly known as the StrengthsFinder) is an assessment developed by Donald Clifton and Gallup.

To develop this assessment, the team conducted two million interviews with the best of the best in each profession.  After conducting these interviews (over 30 years!), the team saw 34 significant talents that weren't deemed the keys to success, but instead insightful information to help someone understand what their natural gifts are in the world and how to best use them to obtain the life they want. They applied these 34 natural talents to the assessment known today as CliftonStrengths.  

The CliftonStrengths assessment came into the world in 2001.  Since its birth, over 20 million people have taken the assessment, including employees at 90% of Fortune 500 companies.  The results seen from those actively using this assessment to better their lives and workplaces is mind-blowing!  

When someone knows how to apply their CliftonStrengths results in their life correctly, they are:

  • Three times more likely to have an EXCELLENT quality of life

  • Six times more likely to do what they do best daily

  • 7.8% more productive in their roles at work 

  • Six times more likely to be engaged at work

  • 20% less worried 

  • In less physical pain 

  • Feeling more well-rested

  • Gaining more respect

  • Laughing more

  • Less stressed

  • More energetic

…than those who don't know or don’t use their CliftonStrengths in their lives.  (Stats pulled from Gallup)

I've seen similar stats come to fruition in my life and in the lives of the hundreds of women I've helped as clients around the world.  These women are feeling happier, more peaceful, more productive, and obtaining success with more ease than ever before.

What the CliftonStrengths assessment measures

The CliftonStrengths measures your specific order of top 5 natural talents.  

By definition, natural talents are defined as your recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior. Your natural talents aren't taught; they’re innately built inside of your brain. 

There are 34 talents the assessment measures via an online test that takes about 30 minutes to complete. Depending on the package you choose, you will get anywhere from 5 – 34 of your talents revealed to you as your results.  

Where to begin with your results

Although the CliftonStrengths can measure ALL of your 34 talents, I suggest your starting focus is on your top 5.  Whereas that may seem small, knowing how to utilize your top 5 first can be incredibly impactful at helping you up-level your life.

The research has shown that the odds of someone else having the same top 5 talents in the same order as you are 1 in 33 million.  

Take that in…1 in 33 MILLION. That's powerful!

Let's take that stat one step further though.  If only 1 in 33 million have the same top 5 talents as you in the same order and we have a current estimated world population of 7.53 billion then roughly just over 200 people in the world share your top 5 CliftonStrengths results with you. 

If you were to look at these 200 people with your shared top talents and then add into the equation all the other aspects of who you are like your background, your education, your values, your passions, your way of processing information and your network (among other things), the proof that you are indeed one of a kind would be beyond evident.

This evidence is a significant confidence boost for sure, but it's also an opportunity for you to understand, utilize, and market yourself as a unique commodity you are in this world.  The question next is how.

Turning your talents into strengths

Getting your CliftonStrengths results and learning a bit about each of your top 5 talents is insightful and eye-opening for sure, but it's only scratching the surface at how to utilize your results best.

What needs to happen next is learning how to actively apply your talents in a way that best serves you. You need to learn how to turn your talents into strengths.

Whereas our natural talents are things we're likely doing all day long (or they're the things we're dreaming of doing all day long), many times the talents are so strong they're in overdrive.

Overdrive means you're using the talent in a way that's causing just as much harm as good.  

Here's an example of what I mean:

One of the talents on the CliftonStrengths assessment is called Achiever.  Achievers are people who take immense satisfaction in being busy and productive. They're the people who are the ultimate definition of being a "goal-getter." They make things happen.

While this is a wonderful talent as these people tend to have a lot of outward success, internally, they are burned out and feeling unfulfilled as they're constantly chasing the next goal or task to check off their to-do list.

When I work with women who have high Achiever, we work on how to manage this natural talent so they can slow down, find internal fulfillment, be as successful in their personal life as their professional life and be more intentional with what they achieve.  

They find as they learn how to turn this Achiever talent into one of their signature strengths they achieve MORE because they aren't running around doing things just for the sake of achieving.  

With these little tweaks, life feels more relaxed and better than ever because they're getting what they want while using their talents in the process. 

Maximizing your results to create an impactful life

If you’re interested in learning what your natural talents are and how to make them your signature strengths so you can do your best work in the world, I want to invite you to join the Florecer Femme ladies and me for a Strengths Soireéon Saturday, August 24 at The Impact Guild in San Antonio. 

 A Strengths Soireéis an intimate workshop where I'll teach you how to maximize your strengths in all areas of your life.  

 During our 3 hours together, you will learn…

  •  How to set goals that work best for YOU based on your natural strengths

  • What types of relationships work best for you based on your strengths (and which to avoid)

  • How your strengths can be hindering you from success

  • How to fall madly in love with your strengths so you can lead your life with the confidence you deserve

  • How to be your BEST self and how to start LIVING it

Click here to sign up for this event.  I can't wait to see you there!

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Lindsay Preston is a multi-certified life coach, teacher & strategist who helps goal-getting, fear-facing women become even more of the strong, resilient and powerful women they were meant to be.

Lindsay’s podcast called, “Become An Unstoppable Woman” was featured on iTunes “New & Noteworthy” list. An honor only available to a select few each year.

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